Pest Control Management Solutions

Insects such as cockroaches, bugs, house flies are found anywhere and everywhere. They are highly adaptable to any environment. The presence of these household insects led to the contamination of food and utensils. These insects often cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning, etc.

Mosquitoes are also commonly found in almost every place. Water pools in and around offices or residential areas are breeding spots for mosquitoes. They are the leading cause of diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, and various infections. 

CRYSTOLYTE has been engaged in providing pest control management solutions to offices, homes, hotels, factories, etc. With the help of pest control, time-to-time eradication of insect breeding spots can be conducted. There are a series of options available with us to help in the efficient management of pest control. 

Our company provides a professional line of rat control products such as baits, rat traps, poisons, glue boards, and other pest control products, which are ideal for conducting pest control individually, without any professional assistance. 

CRYSTOLYTE also helps in providing services for cleaning of spider webs in dark cellars, garages, households, and various other hiding places for spiders. With the help of pest control management solutions, we ensure a healthy living and working environment for our customers and their families.

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